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Business/Investor Program

Canada Business Visa is the most coveted business immigration pathways in the world due to the positive business environment, mature financial and healthcare sectors, and abundance of skilled professionals, low and cost of conducting business.

Canada welcomes successful business people seeking new opportunities and challenges. The Canadian Business Immigration program is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of such people to Canada.

Any business person who wishes to immigrate to Canada must apply outside of Canada to an authorized business Immigration office. There are no quotas based on nationality. If one meets the requirements, a permanent visa for Canada is issued to you, your spouse and children.

The federal Govt. encourages business professionals from all around the world to invest and conduct business in the Canadian soil to drive employment and boost the economy in the country. The program allows the eligible candidates to start a business, acquire a business or invest in a business, in return availing Canada PR Visa benefits for the entire family.

Main Requirements For Business Program

With a Business Visitor Visa, you can come to Canada for any international business activity or you are visiting the country temporarily for looking to grow your business. If you are moving to Canada on a Business Visitor visa, you won’t need a work permit. The maximum validity of this visa is 6 months.

To show you are a business visitor, you have to show:


Limited Stay

You are not planning to stay for more than 6 months


Follow Restrictions

You are not entering the Canadian labor market


Income Source

Your main source of income and business is outside of Canada


Proper Documentation

Supporting documentation for your application

Benefits Of Business/Investor Program

The Business/Investor Program allows experienced business people to settle in Canada and contribute to the country’s growth by investing in Canada’s economy. Investors need to have a minimum net worth of 1,600,000 CAD and be willing to invest at least 800,000 CAD in order to qualify. They are also required to demonstrate that they have adequate business experience. With all this they get awesome benefits of this beautiful country.

Immediate Visa

Immediate Canada Business PR Visa will be granted to the selected candidates who will be entitled to various PR benefits.


Citizen Benefits

Access to Social benefits, medical and free education benefits, improved standard of living, safe and secure environment, robust economy and settle in the most immigrant-friendly nation.


Lucrative Opportunities

Canada provides lucrative opportunities for Business professionals in the thriving industries like Information Technology, manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Petroleum, Agriculture, and Shipping.


Economic Policies

Canada’s economic policies laid the groundwork for low business cost and corporate tax rates to support new businesses.


Skilled Manpower

Presence of ready-to-join skilled and qualified professionals with minimum wages


Easy Travel

Visit your home country as often and when you wish

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